When you rent with Easy Way rent a car, you can save up to $200 USD in a week rental Hertz, Budget, Avis, Fox, Mex, National, Europcar, Enterprise, Sixt charge to your car rental 23% airport tax, license fee, road tax, service tax and many other fees.

Chevrolet Spark Manual

Start at 1 USD per day | 7 USD per week

  • Economy
  • 5
  • 2
  • 0

Insurance Price

  • TPL $77
  • TPL, CDW, TP, PAI $119
  • All Included $147


If Pick Up and Drop Off location are different, a charge might apply

Chevrolet Spark Manual

Rates - Time Distance For

Extra hours

State Tax




There is a big difference between Cancun airport car rentals and EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL

Cancun airport Car Rental Agencies EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL
THEY… will block an amount from your credit card as a monetary protection for the possibility of you responsible being in a car accident. EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL… WILL NOT BLOCK ANY AMOUNT from your USA or Canadian credit card.
THEY… do not accept debit cards. EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL … welcomes USA and Canadian debit cards.
THEY… will not honor your reservation if the reservation is not pre-paid to have a vehicle available at the time of your arrival… especially during Mexico’s high tourist travel seasons. Easter, Christmas and the Equinoxes are examples of high tourist travel seasons. If you reserve a vehicle in advance during a tourist high season, there is no guarantee your vehicle will be available. EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL … GUARANTEES your confirmed reservation 100% and your vehicle will be waiting for you when you are arrive… at any time during any season!
THEY… like most car rental companies, don't provide 24 hours service. EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL … provides service and assistance for 24 hours… 365 days a year.
THEY… like many other international car rental companies, treat you like every other customer. EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL … treats each customer individually and our goal is for every customer to have a very good experience.
THEY… the car rental companies located inside the Cancun airport will charge you 23% airport car rental tax to cover their airport rental cost. EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL … is located 10 minutes from the Cancun airport. The time spent in signing your contract and getting your car with EASY WAY RENT A CAR is less time spent than your entire time with the rent a car company located in the airport and you will save at least 23% of your money.
THEY… like most of the big car rental companies in Cancun use reseller websites, like Expedia and rentalcars. You are always overcharged for items you don’t expect and of course, THEY increase the amount of the car rental service to cover reseller fees. EASY WAY CANCUN CAR RENTAL … quotes you one amount and that is the only amount you will pay!