Most of the hammocks that are bought in Mexico are manufactured in the Yucatan region , in the cities and towns around the beautiful colonial city of Mérida.

There is some debate about where the hammocks come from and how the hammocks were born, although it is believed that the hammocks arrived in Mexico from the Caribbean, a couple of centuries before the Spaniards landed on the shores of present-day Veracruz .

Mexican hammocks are woven in a variety of colors and designs, although not all hammocks are the same: there are certain characteristics that must be taken into account if you are going to purchase a hammock that is durable and comfortable.

How to buy a decent Yucatecan hammock, which is a real pleasure to use and that provides years of rest and restful sleep. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the quality - although the price is subject to negotiation. The nylon hammocks in all the armor will be the least expensive; Cotton and sisal hammocks with a tight fabric will be more expensive.

Choose the material:
The yucatecas hammocks are woven nylon, cotton or sisal (cactus fiber). Nylon hammocks are the least comfortable, but if you live in a humid climate it is ideal. Cotton is comfortable, but for a great rest, choose a hammock woven in sisal. Sisal is the most expensive and, it is worth every additional weight.

Check the Warp or Thread:
Most hammocks twist and bend when they are hung on display for sale. It is essential to push the hammock down, twist it and stretch the material to check the tissue. Cheap hammocks have a broad plot. Whichever material you choose, select the tightest fabric as it will have greater comfort: the "gaps" between the fibers should be narrow. A hammock with tight tissue will provide excellent support to the body and allow you to rest for hours or more in this rocking bed.

Check the quality:
Check the ends of the tissues; make sure the fibers are well woven and the ends are elegantly finished without loose ends or hanging strands. Make sure the cotton or sisal fibers are in good condition and not worn or frayed.

Choose who you buy it from:
For the best selection and the highest quality, it is best to buy it in Mérida, Yucatan. Good quality hammocks can also be purchased throughout Mexico.

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