Dive into the best cenotes of Yucatan , ancestral vital liquid sources. The Cenotes are a Mexican term that are generated from the Mayan word "dzonot", whose meaning is "abyss". They consist of freshwater wells that are found in open caverns that were formed by years of erosion in limestone that gave rise to lovely wide and clear underground wells with soft and porous walls ideal to enter a fantasy world that allows you to clear yourself from the city ​​stress; Consequently, the cenote route in Yucatán is an ideal relaxation destination.

Enchanting orders to such an extent that they were considered by the ancient Maya as sources of communion with the gods. If you want to escape from the busy world, the 10 most popular Yucatan cenotes that we recommend are:

1. Cenote Lol Ha in Yaxunah Yucatán

It has a unique landscape of the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza and is a network of at least 7 cenotes of crystalline waters and walls of marine origin. It is important to note that great care must be taken when descending to the deep cenotes along a vertical staircase.

Address:  Yaxunah. Yucatan, Mexico

2. Cenote Sambula in Pebá, Abalá Yucatán

It is a beautiful underwater cenote with stone stairs that lead to shallow turquoise waters. Its depths vary n around 2 to 1.60 meters, in addition, It consists of benches to climb to the edge of the cenote.

Address:  Calle 43 296, Sambulá, 97430 Motul de Carrillo Puerto, YUC.

3. Ik-kil Cenote Yucatan, Mexico

It is just half an hour from Merida, is a cenote surrounded by exotic plants and to trees with the main attraction of the area is decorated with vegetation. It consists of amenities such as luxury palapas with jacuzzi.

Address:  Carr. Mérida - Puerto Juárez Km. 122, 97753 Piste, YUC.

4. Cenote Samula

Close to the city of Valladolid, is this incredible natural cavern through which you can access along stairs made of stone. It consists of immense vaults and a very high covered roof with colored illuminations that highlight the quartz ceiling from which the roots of the trees outside hang.

Address:  Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico.

5. Cenote San Ignacio Mulix

Considered a sacred place located 20 minutes from Merida. This cenote maintains millions of years as its main attraction in its magical wells of crystal clear turquoise waters. It has a depth of 7 to 1.4 meters deep and vaults that serve as a natural jacuzzi. They offer restaurant services for 170 people, bathrooms, dressing rooms and swimming pools with lockers service and rental of amenities.

Address:  Calle 23 No.126, Centro, 97816 Chocholá, Yuc.

All cenotes offer different experiences and unique characteristics. There are many of them throughout the entire Yucatan region . Among the recommendations it is proposed not to forget swimsuit, sunscreen, anti-slip footwear and other equipment for these adventure excursions. If you want to make visits to the cenotes, because they are such tourist sites, the routes through the cenotes of the Yucatan abound . They are a place for an ancestral rest that is worth visiting to create unique memories, in the best cenotes of Yucatan.

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