The cheapest way to go to Las Coloradas is to rent a car. If you book early you can have great prices, try one wich has several positive reviews like Easy Way Rent a Car.

You can also go on a tour but it is usually a bit more expensive. The roads on the peninsula are very good and safe, so don't be afraid to drive.

This "lake" is more or less between Cancun and Mérida. Driving you will do about 3 hours.

What are Las Coloradas? Why are Las Coloradas pink?

But hey, what are the red ones and why is the water pink ?! Well, I think I'll break your heart 2 times.

First. Actually it is not a lake, lagoon or sea but a lot of ponds in a saline. The concentration of salt in these ponds is very high and that helps them live there and reproduce like crazy microorganisms, bacteria and algae that paint the water pink.

The most important thing to see the water as pink as possible is a good amount of sun. In addition to the pink ponds there are also greens and browns, those will gradually become pink as the water evaporates and the salt density increases!

I definitely recommend you go to Las Coloradas, the place is amazing, it seems from another planet.

How much does it cost to enter Las Coloradas?

You can't swim in this place, before you could, but not anymore. Moreover, technically it is not even allowed to enter the pond area because it is privately owned by the saline. It is free and they let you in because they are cool, but I assure you that if you get into the water they will take away the good vibes!

What else to do around Las Coloradas?

But well, then, what else can you do out there? Do you remember those things that reproduce in the ponds? Well that's the food of some small, shrimp type, which in turn are food of flamingos. Which brings us to the next activity near Las Coloradas, a boat ride on the Lagartos River to see flamingos!

How much does a boat ride in Rio Lagartos cost?

We return by the road that we arrived and about 20-30 minutes we found the town of Río Lagartos. From here it's recomended you take a boat ride on the river, which is not a river but "laugh" because it is a combination of fresh and salt water. You will find boatmen everywhere, the cost you can negotiate with them but it goes between 10-16 USD per person. This tour lasts about 2-3 hours and it's really great!

Are there flamingos in the Lagartos River?

On the way you will see a lot of birds and if you are lucky a crocodile!

If you want close-up photos, do not forget your camera's zoom lens because flamingos fly when the boats approach them. Seeing these birds in their natural habitat is incredible!

What is the Mayan bath?

The last part of the trip is the famous Mayan bath! The thing is to spread a type of white lodge all over your body. You have to dig a little and get the mud from under the surface. This mud has a high concentration of sulfur, minerals, salts and algae, which makes it feel very rich in the skin.

It's recomended you take the tour of Río Lagartos, it is worth a lot and is a great complement to your visit to the coloradas.

Book your car to visit Las Coloradas & Rio Lagartos.