When one thinks of a trip to the Lands of the Mayab, the delicious Yucatecan food automatically comes to mind. And is not for less! Yucatecan cuisine has its origins in the traditional cuisine of the Maya with some Spanish ingredients.

Their dishes are well known for their particular aroma and flavor, because they come prepared with condiments such as oregano, sour orange, coriander and different types of chili mainly. Other ingredients are the famous “errands”, which are a kind of pasta with which a very characteristic flavor is given to meats, such as black errand or red errand among others. The errands are simply several species of condiments and ground and mixed peppers that form a paste, and which are the main base of many Yucatecan dishes.

So in addition to a trip through the incredible jungle landscapes of Yucatan, the cenotes, the archeological zones, cities and towns, I recommend you enjoy a whole gastronomic trip through the beautiful land of the Maya:

1. Cochinita Pibil

Throughout Mexico, Cochinita Pibil is the most famous dish of Yucatecan cuisine. It is a mestizo dish, although its origin is in the pre-Hispanic and is basically pork marinated in achiote. According to 1900 recipes, this should be prepared on a banana leaf and in an earth oven. It is accompanied with purple onion, a habanero chili sauce and is usually used to make tacos or cakes. There is! did my mouth water?

2. Papules

If there is an ingredient that can not be missing in any Yucatecan cuisine this is the nugget. The papadzules are like a kind of enchiladas but in the Yucatan style. They are prepared with a sauce of green pumpkin seeds and epazote. It is a soft, creamy and very good aroma dish. The sauce is the main thing in the dish and the filling of the tortillas is cooked egg and bathed in tomato sauce. Some prefer them with chicken, cheese or pork.

3. Yucatecan Panuchos

They are traditional Yucatecan snacks, you can find them at virtually any food stand in Yucatan, the ingredients can vary according to the taste of the person who prepares them and even the client, but the basic ingredients are refried tortillas, beans and purple onion. The tortilla is stuffed with beans, and this is then fried, on top of it the chicken, tomato sauce and onion are placed, accompanied with lettuce, cheese and avocado to taste.

4. Lime soup

It is a delicious soup typical of the Yucatan Peninsula, its main ingredient as its name says are the limes obviously, but according to the recipe they must also be 100% Yucatecan. The juice of the limes gives an exquisite and characteristic flavor of this dish. Yucatan limes are not very sour, in fact I could say they are a bit sweet. They are served with chicken, garlic, onion, cilantro, avocado, a slice of lime and salt to taste. I also accompany her with tortilla chips and the truth is from my favorite dishes.

5. Ceviche

Of course, the coasts of Yucatan are places to taste exquisite seafood, but without a doubt the ceviches have their originality in the lemon juice that comes from the Yucatan Peninsula. The best places to eat a ceviche in Yucatan by the sea are Celestún, Puerto Progreso or Río Lagartos.

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