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Cancun Airport Car rental Travel Tips

Before starting your trip we give you some smart tips which help you with traveling around Mexico in an Easy Way Cancun Car Rental!.

Changing money?

Change your money in banks or exchange houses. Hotels and exchange houses at airports mostly give an inconvenient exchange rate. But if you do not have any local currency, changing $20.00 to $40.00 USD. would not be a bad idea, just for the first expenses until you find a place with a better exchange rate.

Paying the bill?

Besides the Mexican Peso US Dollars are most of the time everywhere accepted. Mostly it is also possible to pay with your credit card. But watch out! Always check the bill before paying!


Remember that almost always tips are not included in restaurants and bars (if it is included it is mentioned on the bill). To give you an idea: 10-15% is the average tip. For bell boys in hotels you give a tip of $1.00 to $2.00 per person for carrying your luggage. Do not forget that these guys know how to move around, so they always can give you also some useful information!

Food & drinks?

Do not even think to save money with drinking the tap water. So do always have a bottle of purified water with you! During your trip you will see many exciting food sold on the street, but it is better to control you hunger and wait until you have found a clean restaurant otherwise "Moctezuma's revenge" will catch you (diarrhea). The Mexican people take then a glass of cola with 2 or 3 limes which can help you with stopping Moctezuma's revenge.


On the first day you rent a car with Easy Way Rent a Car, we will provide you more than enough fuel to reach the nearest gas station (Magnum and Premium > unleaded). During your trip do not wait to long with putting gasoline because the distance in Mexico are long and sometimes it takes many kilometers to get to the next gas station. On the last day you should put the same quantity of gasoline as on the day we gave you the car, otherwise the gasoline will be added to your bill (just like any other car rental companies do around the world).

Traffic rules?

Like in any other place around the world, respecting the traffic rules is the smartest thing to do! Do not drive more than the speed limit allows, do not park the car where it is prohibited and if you want to have some alcoholic drinks during your holidays, do not drive when this happens. We want you to be one of our happy clients and if you are caught by the police, you can get a fine or even go to a Mexican jail for a few hours.

Phone calls?

Long distance calls (domestic or international) are expensive especially if you call from your hotel or from long distance service companies. We recommend you to buy and have always with you a "Ladatel" phone card. It is the cheapest and easiest way to make a phone call.

Valuable subjects?

Never leave valuable subjects in the car or if you go to the a city center or the beach, do not take valuable things with you. We suggest you to use the safety deposit boxes in the hotels for all your valuable things (sometimes with a fee).

Some good reasons

We are a regional company that cares about each client and will tailer to your needs to the best of our ability.


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  • Sheila Ostvig
    Easy Way Cancun Car Rental has incredible and stellar customer service! I was wary of renting a car in Mexico and opted to patronize Easy Way because of its positive customer reviews. They did not disappoint! From my initial rental inquiry by email to the car rental return, Easy Way responded promptly, professionally and cheerfully. The rental quote was clear and accurate with no surprise fees.
  • Kevin Dever
    Awesome service! No hidden fees, no extra costs or large credit card holds. They honor your credit card collision insurance if you have it. You just have to buy the liability insurance which is mandatory in Mexico. They even picked me up from my hotel, and they offer a shuttle back to airport when you drop car off. I had a brand new car, no issues and everything worked fine. The best rental car service I've ever dealt with when traveling!
  • Craig
    What an awesome, comfortable and easy experience. Easy Way was very quick to respond to my emails and gave me a fair price. Using their website was easy and any questions were answered within reasonable time. They did have an extra step to verify payment through PayPal which was quick and easy for your protection. You then get a confirmation email with all information to take with you. Will definitely use them again. Could not have been more pleasantly surprised with the experience. Thank Easy Way and Team!!!!