When you rent a car with EASY WAY CAR RENTAL in Cancun, not only will save money with EASY WAY RENT A CAR, we offer you better prices without paying imaginary airport fees, new and well maintained vehicles, a fast and easy car pick-up - return - drop off service and much more importantly… we offer you tips about the Yucatan.

We know the Yucatan… if you haven’t been here before or haven’t been here for a few years, then it’s extremely important to have information (in advance) before you rent a car and travel the marvelously mysterious Yucatan.

After renting a car with EASY WAY RENT CAR in Cancun and driving to your historic and/or vacation destination… as an example, we suggest you travel to Chichen Itza on the free highway to discover the richness and the culture of the Yucatan. If you’ve been here before then you know about free and quota (toll) highways. All you see on the toll road, which is the fastest most direct route, are trees and the road in front of you, until you get to the major exits at Valladolid and Chichen Itza.

When you travel the old (free) highway… it’s not the fastest route but you will drive into a world of some Mayan people that hasn’t changed for more than a hundred years… to be in the Yucatan is to be exposed to the descendants of the ancient Mayan people.

There is much to explore when you journey on the free highway, such as the old palapas (huts where people live), the beautiful and clear waters of the cenotes (wells) undiscovered by the multitude of tourists, Yucatecan cuisine you can experience in small village restaurants and there is so much more to witness… like the vistas of old haciendas (homes of the old wealthy people of a village) and the lifestyles of the not-so-rich and un-famous living in the Yucatan.

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