Getting the right insurance for your rental car in Cancun

When driving a rental car abroad, it is most likely that your car insurance will not cover you in most places outside your country of residence. Although your credit card can still offer some protection if what you want is as much peace of mind as possible at any cost, this argument may be enough to sign on the line for insurance at the time of renting a car, regardless of the coverage you already have. It is best to avoid worrying about the rental car shedding a cloud of concern about your trip and insure it without thinking twice. However, it is recommended that you investigate the different options at your disposal to be confident that you get the insurance you need at a fair price. In this sense, a highly recommended option if you decide to be free of worries related to the insurance policy to follow when hiring a rental car during your stay in Cancun, definitely the best option is offered by the Easy Way Rent A Car agency through the sites or, this company offers attractive insurance packages to fit your needs, tastes and budget.

Insurance packages available at Easy Way Rent A Car, Cancun

Basic (TPL): This coverage is for public responsibility to the persons or their properties caused by the rented vehicle.

Medium (TPL, CDW, TP, PAI): Liability insurance (TPL) Collision damage exemption (CDW) Theft protection (TP) Personal accident insurance (PAI)

Full (all included): Additional protection coverage (EPC) = 0% deductible. Liability insurance (TPL), Collision damage exemption (CDW), Theft protection (TP) Personal accident insurance (PAI).

What you need to know about each of the insurances you can take out during the rental process of your car in

Third-party liability insurance, TPL: This coverage is for public liability to persons or their properties caused by the rented vehicle.

Collision damage exemption, CDW: This is not really insurance, however it allows you to reduce costs in case of partial or total loss of the hired car to a deductible stipulated according to the type of vehicle rented. This applies when the damage is greater than the stipulated deductible because the total value of all damages will be charged to the customer if these are less than the stipulated deductible.

Theft protection, TP: By having this coverage the customer is partially released from taking responsibility for the total theft of the rented vehicle. When this coverage is rejected, it is up to the client to assume the total cost of replacing the contracted car. By accepting TP coverage, the customer will only be responsible for the value stipulated as deductible in the signed rental agreement.

Personal accident insurance, PAI: Covers medical costs for both you and your passengers if you suffer any type of injury as a result of a car accident in your rental car, including ambulance service, medical treatments and hospital stay.

Additional protection coverage, EPC: Covers it in case your personal items are stolen from your rental car.

Insurance for wheels and glass, TGI (Additional insurance, not included): This coverage eliminates all liability for damage to the tires, tires and glass of the rented vehicle. It is very important to note that it does not apply if the driver is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.

If you do not have adequate coverage, in case you are involved in an accident of any kind while driving a rental car, you will be responsible for all damages and it would be your responsibility to bear the costs of repair, replacement or any other type.